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U.S. Department of the Navy

Transaction Universe


Provide the United States Department of Navy (DON) Financial Management Office (FMO) with relevant Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support to facilitate more effective and efficient financial improvement and audit readiness activities.


Woodgrove Solutions, LLC (“Woodgrove”) provided varying levels of financial management advisory support to the engagement.  Specifically, Woodgrove supported the effort to:

  • Perform Navy ERP Root Cause Analysis to identify financial issues within the system.
  • Develop Navy ERP Functional Requirements documents for system changes necessary to support financial audit.
  • Identified and documented Complementary User Entity Controls (CUECs) for each 3rd Party Provider and recommended improvement to individual CUECS.  Facilitated development, adoption and testing of CUECS at CNIC as part of its revised Accounting Operations organization.
  • Drafted Service Level Agreement (SLA) template and drafted a Navy SLA for Navy Third Party Providers, to include DFAS, DMDC DCPDS, DMDC DTS, DLA (DAAS, DSS, DPAS, iRAPT/WAWF, SOIDC) and Bancorp Syncada.
  • Supported General Ledger System owners in validating / updating DoDAF SV-6 (system resource flow) documentation as part of Navy feeder systems to GL identification and reconciliation.
  • Provided feeder system reconciliation advice and guidance to over 90 feeder systems and 7 General Ledger Account Systems and coordinated and monitored system to system reconciliation activities across multiple Navy Commands and Marine Corps.
  • Assisted with the development of a standard Interface Control Agreement (ICA) and Feeder System to GLAC reconciliation template and deployed across the Navy enterprise to standardized control and completeness over system to system data flow.
  • Provided Navy FMO with accounting and technical expertise to support the development of a fully reconcilable Transaction Universe, reconciled to the Navy’s financial statements utilizing the data analysis tool Alteryx.
  • Provided technical and subject matter support to facilitate Navy’s initiative to develop its capability to enable feeder system reconciliation from source system entry through to postings into the General Ledger.
  • Supported the development of Informatica Extract, Transform and Load scripts to populate a new financial data warehouse.